Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Australian politics are shit

Australia: land of equal rights and opportunities.

What utter bullshit.

We brag about our tolerance of differences whilst being hypocritical with our restrictive laws. There is nothing equal about Australia at all. As far as we're concerned gays can go to hell, migrants back where they came from and non-Christians are wrong. How can we call ourselves advanced when current attitudes towards differences are no more ridiculous than when we used to strike people for being left handed?

A friend of mine who has been is Australia for 18 years is now on a year long waiting list to become Australian. To succeed she has to memorise a list of Australian related facts and figures which many of us born here don't know. What is the origin of the word Australia? What is our biggest river? These two are my fave:

14. Which of the following are Australian values?
a. Men and women are equal
b. `A fair go'
c. Mateship
d. All of the above

15. Australia's values are based on the ...
a. Teachings of the Koran
b. The Judaeo-Christian tradition
c. Catholicism
d. Secularism

Aren't we perfect? With our population sitting around 22 million we "squeeze" 2.8 people in every square km. So we have about 400m square (very roughly) each to dance in. Monaco on the other hand manage to fit almost 17000 people in every square km. We have room.

So then there's religion right. Why should Christians be allowed to celebrate Easter and Chrisco whilst all the other religions have to work through all their holidays? Thats crap. You should be allowed like four religious holidays a year plus government public holidays like ANZAC day and when you get a job you just sign up for your religious holidays.

And don't get me started on gay rights. WHy shouldn't they be allowed to get married? Because it's not natural? That's crap for some people it is natural. Because God invented Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve? You fuckheads! That story isn't even true, it's a myth, the Christians even believe that. It is designed to teach people about life. Anyone ever think that maybe God created gay couples (and Madonna) so that heaps of orphans could have families? So that people could grow up with tolerance maybe?

This country is ridiculous. If I think of anymore things that create unequality I'll add to this later but until then smarten the fuck up.

Gab out

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