Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Last supper

Currently studying artworks on The Last Supper in my art and censorship class.

Pretty hilarious what some people do. Catholics are always angry, has anybody noticed? They're always waving things at you like "Argh! Abortions are bad" and "Jesus is white". It's like they have PMS all the time. I can say this because I'm Catholic. However I hereby denounce the Pope. How can you be against condoms and abortions? That's why Africa is all screwed up you deludenoids. Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence level of the Pope. It's like "well I'm not very smart so I'll become a Pope, that way nothing I say has to make sense."

Don't get me wrong, Jesus represent. It's just the structure of the Catholic church that confuses me. They're hypocritical and contradictory. I know lets Baptise babies at the age of zero so they are forced to be Catholic forever! Seriously though, funk up church and I'll go there. Sub contract Ladyhawke to write the hymns, she's already halfway there.

Anyway back to my point. Here are some last suppers for your enjoyment.


Yo mama's last supper
Zombie last supper
Poker last supper
Animal last supper
Last pancake breakfast
Star wars last supper
Sam Taylor Woods last supper

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